There is in every living being a thirst for limitlessness.

Everyone wants to experience happiness, but, as many of us have discovered, true happiness cannot come from material things. It is only through experiencing the infinite consciousness that is within us that we satisfy our longings. Ananda Marga spiritual practices, taught free of charge, provide a practical means to achieve this.

"All the religions of the world, whether present or past, have placed restrictions on who are entitled to perform spiritual practices. In the Hindu religion such restrictions are numerous; and in almost all other religions there are restrictions. Ananda Marga has no such restrictions. To learn those spiritual practices which have thus far been denied to family people, one need not become a sannyási. Ananda Marga places no restrictions on members of a particular class, caste or sex for learning spiritual practices. The removal of such restrictions is a revolution. Never before was it conceived that a person living with his or her family and earning a living could achieve the ultimate goal, but the revolution of Ananda Marga has made it possible.

Everything we see is a manifestation of the Supreme Being. Thus every action connected with it should be done with as much efficiency as the worship in any of the religions. Brahma is omnipresent – one need not go to the Himalayas to find Him. That whatever we do, see, hear or feel is Brahma, is a unique idea. Such a philosophy is a revolution and is radically different from the philosophy evolved by the great thinkers of the world so far.

Ananda Marga is radically different from all concepts of philosophy as well as economic and social thinking. It is not a change which has evolved as a result of the evolution of the human mind and its economic and social environments. It is a revolutionary concept of life altogether different from any of the present or past ideas. It is a change which is independent of the cyclic changes due to the passage of time. It does not practice anything which is not new both in approach and practice. It is a revolution which makes life a reality. It teaches adjustment to life, rather than giving up the world by leading a life of useless seclusion. It creates people who are fit for every walk of life, who do not make any distinction among their fellow beings, and who are joined together as one world community. In our Ananda Marga all humanity, nay, all living beings (jiiva matra tare) have combined together in every walk of life."

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti


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